terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Fuck it

I won’t make that effort.
I see you.
You’re younger then me.
And you’re definitely a beautiful girl.
Your body is beautiful in any way,
Your face is one of women’s wonders.
Your hair is blonde, brighter then the sun.
Yet you’re in love with another guy.
I never showed you the true that i feel towards you.
That’s because there are none.
At least now.
What your living now, is the same I lived one year ago.
Loving someone and thinking life’s perfect and swell.
I know how you feel.
You found someone you feel happy with.
He fulfils your day.
He makes you smile now and then.
He tells you something and you just love it.
He looks at you and you think he loves you.
I get it.
I have been like you.
I mean, all man kind has.
It’s normal.
You’ll soon be disappointed with him.
He will find another girl.
You will open your eyes.
And many boys will take that chance.
I won’t.
I know that now, to you, everything seems just great.
It won’t last.
It’s a sad story, I know.
I won’t lie to you.
It will hurt, the day you say goodbye to him.
I will be there.
To help you.
To give my shoulder to you and say:
“Welcome, the world is all yours now.”
So, for me, just one more thing, Fuck it.
You're a prety girl, but not for me.
Not now, not like this.
All this, makes me say:
"Fuck it then."

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