quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Thank you

Few things make me laugh.
Few times I feel good.
Few times I feel safe.
But yesterday, I felt it all.
You made me smile again and again.
Brought me hopes and desires for you.
You made me feel alive and well.
And so I say thank you.
I say thank you.
Cause I wasn’t expecting it.
Nothing made me realize how good it will be.
Life isn’t a destiny.
It can’t be.
And if it is, who decides who?
Who pushes ourselves to be something that we aren’t?
Who makes us be what we don’t want to be?
Some might think you’re great.
Some may say you’re perfect.
But I don’t agree with you, when you say destiny exists.
Life’s not controlled by written lines.
We make our life.
We write the story of ourselves.
We decide what’s right and wrong.
And yesterday, I did what I did.
I’m not disappointed.
I’m happy, because I was myself.
I did what I wanted to do.
And talking to you like that, was great.
I said what I wanted to say.
And you made it great.
But I don’t what to do the same mistakes again.
So, forgive if I’m slow.
Forgive if I’m afraid.
I will tell you how much I want you.
Just give me time.
And you will know.

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