quinta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2007

História por acabar: Faith

In outstanding flash, a gigantic spaceship appears in the enormous dark space. It seems not to be real, the beauty of the vacuum, the beauty of the stars…

Space, the last frontier, an enormous empire to be discovered. The human being always wanted to find a reason for it existing, some say that god as putted us here, others say that we have evaluated over many millions of years. The truth? It has not yet been revealed…

With impressive speed, the space ship leaves the known world of men and lands on a strange and lost planet. It is the fairest planet that man has ever seen, what it keeps, it’s many questions. But hoping to find the answer to that immortal question, man once more explores space. By a smooth landing, they finally arrive at their destiny.
With a slow move the back door opens, letting ten men get out. They all look at each other, and jump to the desert field of that desolated place. With strange equipments, they start to see the planets atmosphere and the signs of live.
-It is pure, we can breath here. And there are human cells 124 meters from here!
Taking the golden helmet off, the woman looks at the other companions who following her moves, take it out too.

Some hours later terrain transport movements shake the land surface, and finally arriving they see a strange rock. It has an ancient form and seems like a human construction.
-Is it possible? – Said one of them. – Is it possible for a human presence to have existed here all this time?
-There isn’t a strong sign of life.
-Let’s do it. – And moving his hand, the man presses the button to open the stone door.
Slowly the door opens releasing a gigantic wave of dust. After it goes the spaceman take a look at that old place. Inside there are many machines, still working, at rest. There are no signs of life, but the machines and the few objects that lie there have all a human design, and more and more the spacemen question themselves what that place could be. One of them approaches a big screen and presses a button that shines. The big screen starts to work hardly and an alien very similar to the human kind appears. It seems that he is sweeting, and his eyes show a terror that no one as have ever passed throw.

-I…I am the last of my kind…everyone has…I want to say that…you who is seeing me at this moment is my creation. When I new about the last bombs…I understand that it was our end. So…I created a race, similar to ours, I collected DNA of all the species of our world, my world, and searched for a planet where my species could live again…I found a planet that was close to ours so I send a powerful shot at it killing all its species, and setting the planet just like ours. Then all the species started to grow just like on our planet. I was preparing the planet for my species arrival…I wanted to start all over again, to create a planet just like ours and to give hope to it. I changed a bit our form, and it became like yours. I gave something to it, I gave it love. So I created a world completely equal to ours but I gave you the powerful feeling that we have always felt. When you see this message…according to my calculations…you have passed through four so called world wars, two atomical wars and…more then two hundred other types of war. But you are alive, because the only thing that you have, and that can save, and has already saved you, continues to be: alive, love. If I knew that…I would…My time is coming, I only tell you one thing: Love each other, because the sacrifice, the truth force, the immortality only lives in one place, and it is love.
The big screen shuts down, and all the people keep looking to it.

The love is a feeling that we all have, and that should be shared with each other, good deeds are love, good feelings are love, happiness is love, life is made to love, and to show it for those that we love.

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