terça-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Alone in the middle of nowhere

Got thrown away once again.
I wouldn’t mind to know why.
Why does the world refuse me?
Why don’t they accept me?
They say I’m hopeless.
They say I’ll never be someone.
They say I’m nothing.
And so I run.
I walk away.
If I can live.
Live like them.
Alone or with someone.
Hated or loved.
Yet, I cannot have that privilege.
The air I breathe is disappearing.
The people I know keep on dieing.
And again and again, they leave me.
I am left alone once more, and I scream.
Crying and looking out for a god that would help me.
A merciful and generous god that would clean my wounds and heal my soul.
Where is he?
I do not know.
Until I find him, I keep on living.
I keep on breathing.
I keep on hoping.
For you.
For you my sweetest dream.
For you, world that will never exist.

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Queenie disse...

Talvez aquilo que procuras está mais perto do que imaginas... muitas vezes em frente aos nossos olhos e nós não queremos ou não conseguimos ver...