terça-feira, 20 de março de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Betrayal on my soul

Could believe on what you’ve done.
Watching you tare apart the world I know.
Holding and betraying me on my back.
Saw you pointing your knife to stab me in the back.
Run now.
Now that I’ve found your lack on honour I smile.
Now that I know who you are do you know me?
Now that your integrity has been destroyed I smile.
And I will keep on smiling.
Again and again, because I can tell you something:
“I never believed you!”
I never trusted on you.
I saw you lying again and again to those you love the must.
And now, now you’ve betrayed the wrong person.
Prepare for your end.
In this world there’s no place for people like you.
You belong to the graveyard.
Next to all those forgotten bodies berried around the world.
Near to all the creatures weak enough to hide under the ground.
I look a last time to you, false friend and tell you:
“You stabbed the wrong person.
Die in your pathetic mistake.”

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_+*Ælitis*+_ disse...

Is it that nice to find him so harmless? our profile would be bettered if you/we gave him our hand and show who is really stronger... :)