terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Follow the leader

World is made by leaders.
Leaders conquer worlds and convince others to follow them.
Some say they are not welcome.
That we can live without them.
But we can’t.
Leaders will always exist.
Leaders will always make us puppets of their dirty minds.
We are but followers, without opinion.
We are but dreamers, without a night to sleep.
Life is definitely pathetic.
Those that can, rule and the others…
Well, they try to survive.
They sleep all afternoon, and watch TV everyday.
They have friends and believe in them only for the hard times.
Life’s is but a path.
They hunger by the freedom of being older.
They dream of the day society looks upon them and say:
“You’re too old to work, go and have a peaceful life.”
And they go.
Each day older.
Side by side for the one they love.
See their sons grow up.
Their grandchild getting stronger.
Their minds getting weaker.
Till the day, that the one they love dies.
And they die a little inside.
And the time goes, and death gets slowly closer.
And when they lye, six foot underground, they cry.
And the leader, rich and powerful smile, because their still alive.
World needs leaders, but not the ones we have.
May be, there should be no leaders.
Nothing and no one to lead us.
Life’s pathetic.
And the worst is that we’re not the leaders around.

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