terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Bigger world

My world has not changed its size.
It remains the same.
But the people.
The violence.
The pain.
Well, that’s different.
Our world is bigger now.
It’s common to see different people.
Different acts.
Our world as become impossible to understand.
Students kill each other.
Nations fight for the spoils of war.
Weapons are sold to the weaker countries.
Oil and water are making a third world war.
And we, well, we keep on falling.
Music’s getting darker.
People are getting fatter.
And pain and violence are constant.
My world has become bigger, but not in size.
In death.
The world keeps on happening.
But death, that will never change.
God gave us freedom?
Let us kill each other to honour him.

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_+*Ælitis*+_ disse...

Tua autoria? Gosto de poemas em ingles... é a lingua na qual mais gosto de ler poemas, realmente...

beijos a ti, "new soul" :)