terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Enough of games

That is enough.
No more games to entertain your mind.
No more lies to lighten up your smile.
No more false feelings and false conversations.
Is it enough?
Do you think we’re ready to say stop?
I believe that you enjoy this.
It’s the only logical answer.
You enjoy having someone like me to speak with you.
You like the idea that someone actually cares about you.
You like to think that you’re not alone.
And yet you are.
I hope now, when you get home and watch your favourite mirror you think of me.
I hope that each day, you remember how close we were.
How our friendship was delightful.
I can only hope now, that my absence make you suffer.
That the fact that I’m away, makes you feel like a worthless crap.
In my soul, I wish you feel jealous of all the other girls.
I wish you that you cry.
I wish that you punish yourself for judging me wrong.
I wish that when I’m away, you feel sick and alone.
Because one thing for sure, I was yours and you didn’t care.
Goodbye then and I wish that you make a troubled journey back to another man’s arms.
Another guy to use.
Another person to abuse.
Another soul to improve.

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