terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Finally flying

It’s over.
Found that in the sound of music.
Paying attention to its lyrics.
Understanding more then its smooth sound.
And letting it enter in me.
We can understand our mistakes and errors.
So I’m finally over.
After so many struggles I said goodbye.
I had to.
And I definitely don’t fell remorse.
I fell alive.
I definitely don’t fell pain.
I fell healthy.
And I certainly fell like I was a human.
And it fells nice.
Life’s getting darker, and harder.
All we have is our trust in our abilities.
And that’s it.
Life’s always different.
But one things common, we are here.
Should we take the best we can from this world?
I guess we’re doing it.
If sometimes we’re dumber than we should.
If sometimes we’re more pathetic.
Well, we wanted it to be like that.
We wanted to look like that.
That’s who we are.
And people should get used to it.
We aren’t that predictable.
No one is.
And now, now that it’s over.
Now that music awoke me from my enjoyable sleep.
Now I say I’m happy.
Because life seems better.
I can fly in my memories and don’t be afraid to fall.
No one likes to fall in the big ocean of memories.
Sometimes you can drown.
But if you fly, then you’ll never drown.

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