terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Old memories

Like a lightning it strokes me.
An old memory that changed all my thoughts of the day.
It hit me and made me realise how some things are lost.
Old photos bringing back short and unimportant moments.
But yet, moments no one likes to forget.
How in a second you can remember.
You can bring back days and hours of laughter.
You can remember what you never wanted to keep.
Moments, seconds of happiness.
But unimportant for your future life.
So you erase them.
You erase the past that doesn’t matter.
You erase the moments that don’t count.
You kill the stuff that aren’t in your mind.
You make them go away.
Because your mind has limits.
You can’t hold every moment.
You can’t keep every laugh.
You can’t keep every day.
You can’t keep every cry.
So your mind erases what it find useless.
And leaves spaces blank in your memory, for new times.
New people.
New thoughts.
New memories.
The mind expands.
And you only keep what matters.
But who decides what matters and doesn’t matter?

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