quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Late for my regrets

I’m a human being.
Therefore, I’m not perfect.
I admit my faults, my mistakes, my lack of sense.
So I say I’m late.
Late but never too late.
I still have time to undo my mistakes.
What’s missing is time to undo the ones I haven’t done yet.
So, is it my life, already destroyed by something I could not predict?
Could all my mistakes, forever take out my chances on the world?
Are we, forever marked by something we might have missed on the past?
I’m a human being, but does that give me any second chance?
No, it doesn’t.
But we like to think it does.
We like to think we deserve not to be jugged by some acts.
Something that happened and we could prevent it.
Some mistakes we’ve done in the past.
And so I say I regret it.
I regret not taking your advices.
I regret missing some people in my life.
And I regret must of all, ever meeting you.
But as a human, I believe in second chances.

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Queenie disse...

Ás vezes também me sinto assim...