terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2007

Poetry that does not rhyme: Away from my world

Tripped on the wrong crossroad.
Find myself lost on the wrong country.
Away from a world full of different opportunities.
I am not from here.
People look at me like I was one of them.
Yet I’m different.
I walk among them.
They look at me respectfully.
Like I was their family.
Like I was one of them.
But they should know.
I’m different.
They laugh together.
They speak together.
They even seem to breathe together.
And me?
Well I’m different.
I’m not like them.
It seems just like God made a mistake.
Changed the addresses and suddenly, I went to this world.
May be, somewhere, someone fells like me.
Like everything is wrong.
Like all of this is displaced from its purpose.
Its target.
Its destiny.
And well, I keep on living.
God doesn’t care.
I don’t blame him.
The world is so full of pain and despair.
And I’m just a kid, with money, family and friends.
A young child that doesn’t appreciate his life.
A rich boy, who thinks a lot, and find problems where they don’t exist.
I’m pathetic.
Strike me god, because I have sin.
I broke many commandments in all my life.
And worst of all, I’m still alive.
Will you strike me God, or is Africa taking all your spare time?

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